April 23, 2024
Are you throwing a party for the King of Fruits? These are the best Durian Shops in Singapore

Durians are among the most divisive fruits in history. Durian lovers describe the flavour as mildly sweet as well as very creamy, similar to a rich cheesecake. It has an odour of alcohol, which describes why eating it causes you to feel hot on the inside as if you’ve downed a vodka shot. Because of favourable climatic conditions, Johor has had a bumper crop, and the fruit in Pahang is ready for harvesting earlier than expected. There’s an ideal one for you available on the market, whether you like yours creamy and bitter, yummy and sticky, or rich and bittersweet. Simply go to any durian shop singapore and place your orders even before the season is done.

Where can get durians in Singapore?

durian shop singapore

  • Durian Delivery: – Durian Delivery, as the name implies, carries the goods to you – all clean, with a replacement assurance for any negative or unpeeled seeds. With no minimum purchase, you won’t have to persuade your friends to join you. It also provides same-day delivery for durians that have been de-husked.
  • Ah Seng Durian: – Ah Seng is a popular choice for a good purpose, but keep in mind that you must pick up your purchase at the store since it does not offer products. Mao Shan Wang puree and ice cream are also available. Oh, and the site ranks the sweet taste and bitterness of each wide range allowing you to shop based on your choices.
  • Sindy Durian: – Sindy Durian is a Whampoa-based family business that has provided clients with durians for over 30 years. It prioritises preserving its reputation as a trustworthy specific manufacturer. There is very little to assert against this well-known stall, which has been in business for years.

Why are durians Singapore’s national fruit?

It is known as the “King of Fruits.” The flesh of the fruits has become so thick and flavoursome while remaining soft that one bite into it sends your mouth into mouthy heaven. Some small fruits have such a bitter aftertaste that you may dislike them due to the distinctive smell, but the smell is subjective.


When it comes to purchasing from durian shops in Singapore, the three biggest worries occur the seller’s honesty, the quality of the durians, and the location. Because durian seasons are very often brief, there are now more factors than ever before to visit your local stall and stock up upon that King of Fruit when they’re in season.