July 14, 2024
Learning The Impact of Mineral Water Purification Systems

Mineral water is supposed to have some health benefits, but the truth of these claims is questionable. Particularly dubious is advertising the glory of water treatment systems with mineral revitalization. The benefits of drinking mineral water are due to the content of elements such as calcium and potassium. But go to a supplement manufacturer. You’ll find that vitamins and minerals dissolved in liquid are absorbed too quickly, never reaching the colon, so their benefit is minimal at best.

Revitalizing mineral water purification systems are supposed to be better to drink because they remove any natural content and replace it with something “better.” There is no scientific evidence that they are effective at all. It depends on the system, but those using rare stones are an unnecessary expense. One of the benefits of bottled mineral water is the balancing of electrolytes. The benefits of mineral water in a can may be better due to the sugar content, artificial colors, and flavors, but it’s still best to bottle it at home and take it with you.

mineral water in a can

Manufacturers of mineral healing water treatment systems claim they have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Again, there is no science behind these claims. In years past, health resorts were often located around hot springs, but in these places, relaxation was more likely to be achieved than any other healing value.

If you go back even further in time, these places were the only places where a person could take a hot bath. Simply washing ulcers, war wounds, and other injuries is good health practice. But you can do it today without using expensive mineral revitalization water treatment systems.

The benefits of bottled mineral water are supposed to include treating chronic conditions and diseases. But the only listings you will find are on the companies selling the bottles on the websites. Even Perrier doesn’t list any of its drinks’ alleged health benefits. They offer them as an alternative to soft drinks or alcoholic drinks. Perhaps this is one of the benefits of mineral water: staying sober is healthier.

The problem is that you can never be sure of the quality of what is in the bottle. Know when it took an independent lab to discover the contents. All deliveries had to be stopped a few years ago due to contamination.

Some mineral revitalization water treatment systems are reasonably priced because their technology is called ion exchange. It is perfect, but its production is cheaper. Showering in natural spring water is more pleasant and better for your skin than showering with bleach.


A mineral content similar to what you would find in the spring tastes better for drinking. So the benefits of existing mineral water can be obtained from your faucet if you have the right purification system.