July 14, 2024
Why Industrial Kitchen Design Is A Must Need

With industries empowering our basic needs, kitchens are one of the essential parts that cannot be left out. With things changing, the layouts of our kitchen, or any kitchen, in general, are industrializing and modifying equipment present in the kitchen.

Industrial kitchens were only first used in restaurants, but with the demand for luxury houses and their luxurious designs, these kitchens became part of households. Every house owner wishes to have an industrialized kitchen, making their cooking more convenient and less time-consuming.

Ever Plate in Indonesia stepped into the market with the same motive of providing you with the best quality of food in a quick time from the restaurants, which are fully industrialized with their equipment and designs.

industrial kitchen design

Ever plate industrial kitchen designs have many perks such as:

  • Lower risk and high reward because with industrialized equipment, the risk becomes minimum, and these pieces of equipment provide with best quality foods and smoother workflows.
  • With an industrial kitchen design, we can save much time and produce more than before.
  • Industrial design kitchens are equipped with high-quality machines that require minimum human intervention, making it easier for you to hire fewer people.
  • Since Ever-Plate kitchens are not specific restaurant kitchens, they allow you to collaborate with many brands.

Industrial kitchen designs are very advanced and technological. Therefore, it attracts more extensive consumer base.

We have talked about industrial kitchen designs, but to design one, we need ideas.

Ideas for industrial kitchens

Ever-Plate provides ideas to create your own kitchen space with industrial equipment. Industrial kitchen ideas provided by Ever-Plate are:

  • Open space kitchens: These are primarily in open spaces, such as in the middle of a restaurant or a mall, where the consumer can see their food being prepared. Since it’s an industrialized kitchen quality of food and consistency of food delivery are not hampered by open space and much more consumers.
  • Center top kitchen: These kitchens are in a closed space, where the behind-the-scenes food preparation is not visible. There is one center top table in these kitchens, and there are many stations around it where the food is prepared. The center-top is used for keeping the standard ingredients and prepared dishes.
  • Zone- Style: In these types of Industrial design kitchens, each zone is assigned to specific food category chefs, such as salads, main dishes, or deserts.
  • Order Based: In these types of kitchens, a similar tablet is distributed to the head chefs of the different food categories, and upon receiving the order on the tablet, chefs use the kitchen to make their dish. There may be more than 2-3 kitchens to avoid the havoc here.

With these ideas, industrial kitchens can be made more efficient and sophisticated.